Sneak Peek Season 2: BioBus with William and Amelia

Last weekend we hung out with BioBus Founder Ben Dubin-Thaler and the BioBus crew at NYC's Summer Streets festival. We learned all about the inner workings of flower power. Here's a little behind the scenes action for you. We're so excited for the second season of Doing Stuff With Crazy Aunt Lindsey!

Flower Child

Wind powered awesomeness
Yep, that's a garden...ON THE BUS!

It takes two!


It just so happen that the New York Botanical Gardens was set up right next to BioBus doing a planting extravaganza! We each got to pot our very own souvenir. William went for wildflowers for his new backyard in Brooklyn. Amelia flexed her flavor with her choice of basil. Lavender went home with CAL.

William finds out that his potter is biodegradable - it turns into soil within months!
Lavender seeds are CRAZY tiny
Here's an interesting tid-bit: wildflower seeds on ON TOP of the soil - not in it!

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