Kids of Kathmandu

I had the honor of volunteering for the Kids of Kathmandu Inaugural Gala last Thursday - a nonprofit organization that was born out of the love two people shared while on honeymoon in Nepal. The event was held at the FABULOUS Ramscale Loft somewhere along the characteristically creepy lower West Side Highway. The centerpeice of the fundraiser, The Desk Project, included the auctioning off of one of a kind children's desks custom designed by a handful of the most innovative artists, architects, and woodworkers in New York. Every dollar raised is used "to provide a stable financial foundation for the children from which they can grow through funding for education, food, shelter, and immunizations." Now, who can say no to that?

UPDATE: Huge congrats to Kids of Kathmandu for reaching $42,070 of their $65,925 goal in just 5 days!

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