Find The Future at the New York Public Library - My Write All Night Adventure

Who hasn't seen the hysterical happenings of Ben Stiller's Night at the Museum? Ok, me. But even if I had, I still would not have known what to expect from last nights momentous Find the Future - Write All Night adventure at the New York Public Library. This elaborate "game," designed by AdventGame Studio in honor of this New York City monument's centennial celebration, charged 500 super nerds (err. "big kids") with the task of locating 100 hidden treasures in the Worlds most ardently kept underground catalog system known, simply, as "The Stacks." Then we had to write stories about each one of them before 6am. All while a traditional book binder worked in real time using ancient book binding methods (read: HAND SEWING) to construct our winning submission into the library's archive.

It was a most totally awesome experience that I wish everyone in the Wold could have. And you sort of can! Play Find the Future at home or stop into the Library on your next trip to NYC! Here's a little bit of my night at the museum...I mean library :)
Super Squad - WHAT WHAT! 
First up, we broke into two huge teams - Patience and Fortitude each stationed at opposing ends of the Rose Main Reading Room - and then mini squads. My table devised a genius plan to join forces of two squads forming the night's only SUPER SQUAD.

The Antique Stuffed Animals From Which Winnie the Poo Is Based

We broke up into smaller groups to snap barcodes of the hunted artifacts in the Map Division, the Children's Center (see below for a photo of the stuffed animals that inspired the Winnie the Poo series!), and the Genealogy Room. I was flabbergasted to find a "Population Schedule" from 1900 Virginia with my great-great grands names on it!
LEGO my lion
NYPL 5am

Then it was off to The Stacks for a once in a lifetime tour of the library's archive system - the real prize of the night and main attraction, I'm sure. It was as dark and claustrophobic as one might have expected. Rows and rows of sardined selves and ropes as gentle, but stern, "Don't Even Think About It" warnings. This is me making out with Vogue archive just before security came to escort me out. Just kidding.
Team Patience Artifact
My Future Self
My favoritest festivity was the super secret message from the future, hidden in "The Stacks!" Each person got to pull a postcard with someone elses name on it and had to spend the night trying to find the person for whom the message was intended. Just about everyone took to the Find the Future Facebook page to search for their person but most of us used the old fashioned call out method, running the halls shouting folks names until someone answered. My own squad member, Rudy De, had mine. What are the odds?!

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