Mad Science: Invisible Ink

What kid doesn’t love a top secret message? And I challenge you to show me one household that doesn’t have an old lemon or two lying around. I’ll bet you had no clue that these yellow yummies could be used to create invisible ink. Try this recipe to write sweet messages to your kiddos like “I love you!” or sour ones like “Go To Bed.”

You’ll need:

½ lemon
½ teaspoon of water
Small bowl
White paper
A lamp

You'll Do:

Squeeze the juice of your lemon into a bowl with the water. Once mixed well, soak a q-tip with the solution and use it to write your top secret message on the paper. Wait a few minutes for it to dry and when you’re ready to read it, hold the paper up to a hot lamp for a few minutes and watch the message appear!

Why It Works:

Lemon juice - and the juice of most fruits, for that matter – contains carbon compounds. These compounds are colorless until you heat them up, at which point carbon is produced and turn black!

Tip: Add a little more water to the lemon solution. Throw in some cane sugar or agave nectar and ice. Viola! You’re invisible ink just turned into lemonade. That’s the real magic!

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