Crazy Aunt Lindsey is in the HOUSE!

Hey Peeps!

Crazy Aunt Lindsey, here.
I've been an aunt since I was about 7 years old (yay "modern family"), child caring for more than a decade, and am officially the Fairy God Mother to about 10 bundles of joy - I've got enough baby sitter street cred to rival the Super Nanny! That said, this blog is all about my favorite thing: YOUR KIDS! I'm talking kid tech, kid fashion, kid calendar musts, kid friendly recipes, kids bed and bath design, kids stuff reviews, random hot topics relating to kids, and regular documentation of my general shenanigans with (drum roll)...KIDS!

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Starting next Thursday, November 4th at 4pm (and every Thursday thereafter) Doing Stuff With Crazy Aunt Lindsey launches right here and on YouTube. Each week, one of my Kid Co-Hosts and I will walk you through super fun, super fast mini projects relating to cooking, crafts, reading, safety, and even math and science. You can easily and inexpensively do all the activities at home with your rug rats but they are specifically designed to make the most out of limited time with aunts, uncles, God parents, and sitters. They encourage bonding, good behavior, and most of all, the all important opportunity to learn something.

And make sure you swing by the first Tuesday of every month for Teacher Tuesdays featuring my BFF and
4th grade teacher extraordinaire, Ms. Leslye. She's chock full of tips for the best ways to get the most out of your whippersnappers early childhood education.

PLUS! I've even got a few crazy good giveaways lined up just for you.

So stick around! Leave a comment, post a question, make suggestions, follow me on Twitter, and please WATCH!

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